Planning for Retirement – Helpful Resources

As you continue your journey in planning for retirement, we want to provide you with a collection of helpful resources to support your learning and decision-making process. These resources offer additional information, tools, and guidance to enhance your understanding and help you create a robust retirement plan. Here are some recommended resources:

Explore These Additional Resources

  1. Retirement Planning Calculator: Use online retirement planning calculators to estimate your future income needs and determine if your current savings and investments are on track. There are many available, click here to see on of our favorites.
  2. Social Security Administration: Visit the official Social Security Administration website to learn more about your Social Security benefits, eligibility requirements, and how to maximize your benefits. Click here to access information on how to determine your eligibility.
  3. Pension and Annuity Resources: Explore websites and publications dedicated to pensions and annuities to gain insights into these income sources and their considerations for retirement planning.
  4. Financial Planning Blogs: Follow reputable financial planning blogs that provide expert advice and insights on retirement planning, investment strategies, and financial management.
  5. Retirement Planning Books: Read books written by retirement planning experts to deepen your knowledge on various aspects of retirement planning, income generation, and wealth management. Many books are available on Amazon. When we checked, there were over 50,000 results for the term ‘retirement planning’.
  6. Retirement Investment Guides: Consult investment guides and resources that offer practical tips and strategies for building and managing your retirement portfolio.
  7. Government Websites: Visit government websites that provide information on retirement planning, such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s resources on retirement savings and the Internal Revenue Service’s guidance on retirement accounts. The website is huge and there is a lot of information to sort through. Use this link to filter the list down.
  8. Financial Advisors: Consider seeking guidance from certified financial advisors who specialize in retirement planning. They can provide personalized advice tailored to your specific financial situation and goals. Seek financial advisors in your local area. Here is a link to an blog article the Smart Asset: 6 Essential Steps to Hiring a Financial Advisor.
  9. Retirement Planning Workshops: Attend local workshops or webinars hosted by financial institutions, retirement planning organizations, or community centers to gain practical knowledge and insights from experts in the field. Many financial planners are putting these workshops together. Talk with your friends and find out who they recommend. Call their recommended advisor and find out if they have a workshop. Occasionally, a postcard mailer may show up in your mailbox. Check those out as well, and if you are interested go to workshop. If nothing else, you may get a nice dinner at a decent restaurant in your local area.
  10. Retirement Planning Podcasts: Tune in to retirement planning podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, including investment strategies, tax planning, and lifestyle considerations during retirement. Follow this link to see an article on the best retirement planning podcasts for 2023.
  11. Retirement Planning Forums and Online Communities: Engage with online forums and communities where individuals share their experiences, insights, and tips related to retirement planning. This allows you to learn from the collective wisdom of a diverse community. Senior Elements is currently building out our Facebook community, so visit us online there.
  12. Estate Planning Resources: Explore resources and guides on estate planning to ensure your assets are protected and properly distributed according to your wishes during retirement and beyond.
  13. Long-Term Care Planning Resources: Access information on long-term care planning, including insurance options, considerations for aging in place, and resources for assisted living facilities or nursing homes.
  14. Government Retirement Benefits Websites: Visit official government websites that provide information on retirement benefits, such as the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
  15. Retirement Planning Apps: Utilize mobile applications designed to assist with retirement planning, including budgeting tools, investment trackers, and retirement calculators, providing convenience and organization in managing your finances. Click here.

Remember to approach any external resources with discernment and always cross-reference information to ensure accuracy and relevance to your specific circumstances. These resources supplement your learning and provide valuable insights to support your retirement planning journey.

Final Thoughts

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